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Luhan will be in the movie Back to 20, Chinese version of Miss Granny. The movie is about an old woman who becomes 20 year old again. Luhan will be the main character’s grandson.

Whats with exo members acting as main character’s son/grandson

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What if…Frozen Theory




What if Hans still loves Anna?
What if when they trolls said “Get the fiancee out of the way” they meant it?
What if they cast a spell on Hans that replaced his feelings for her with greed?
What if Hans is stuck inside his own mind, screaming and crying, because the love of his life is slipping through his fingers, by his own hand?
What if the open door never closed?

wait WHAT


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Luhan (Part |||) - angst romance supernatural xiuhan - Asianfanfics.com

It was a Friday morning and the church bells couls be heard all across the neighbourhood.

There was a young girl who stood with a bouquet of deep blood red roses in between her hands. She was smiling in her lacy black dress and black veil that hid most of her face. She proceeded to the back of the church where everybody was getting ready for the wedding.

"Wait before you leave - what’s your name?"

The girl’s smirk couldn’t be missed as she lightly removes Minseok’s hands from hers.

"My name is Luhan."